Taste of VÅNGA 77.1 – Apple – Water – Forest – Stone

Views with insight that takes you to new levels and experience.
Together we create your specific conference.

Walk the taste trail or up to the quarry. Enjoy and taste VÅNGA 77.1 with all your senses. Cook outdoors and indoors. Bake your own sourdough bread or make jam and juice.

Stay in modern double room with a fantastic view of lake Ivö. Do you want some adventure – sleep in the hammock during the night in the apple grove and wake up to the morning’s first ray of sunshine.


Cafe and shop
Enjoy views of lake Ivö, orchard, delicious goodies from the bakery and seasonal fruits and berries. 
In the shop youcan buy our products from VÅNGA 77.1

Contact us at VÅNGA 77.1 for more information
Furustadsvägen 488, SE-291 98 Villands Vånga, Sweden

+46 733 58 09 29
+46 768 64 67 36

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